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Jeep Grand Cherokee

most popular car news Jeep Grand Cherokeemost popular car news Jeep Grand Cherokeemost popular car news Jeep Grand Cherokee
The 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee reminds us of Rocky Balboa (the pre-Ivan Drago fight one), having made the transition from underdog to top contender. Prior to last year"s complete overhaul, the Grand Cherokee offered rugged off-road capability but a substandard cabin, substandard passenger space and an underpowered but thirsty V6. But the 2012 Grand Cherokee, with its well-trimmed and roomier interior, powerful V6 and more refined performance and ride, is in fighting shape as a top contender among midsize SUVs.

The current Grand Cherokee shares components with Mercedes-Benz"s ML-Class -- DaimlerChrysler owned Jeep during this vehicle"s early development -- so its premium look and feel is no surprise. Drive a pre-"11 Grand Cherokee and the new one back to back, and the upgrades in cabin quality, performance and overall refinement are dramatic. And this year there"s slightly better fuel economy (up 1 highway mpg for each engine) through improved power steering in the V6 and a revised six-speed transmission for the V8. This year also heralds the return of the road-burning Grand Cherokee SRT8 and its monster 470-horsepower V8.
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